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Openlink Software is a company that has a very good generic type
of ODBC driver, that will connect to just about any type of database,
whether it is Oracle, MySQL, Informix, MS SQL Server, Solid, etc.

There can be only one!

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RE: RE: Re: MS SQL Server
by TStanley (Canon) on Oct 22, 2000 at 06:56 UTC
    An update to this post..The Openlink drivers work with pretty much any database at the moment, except MS SQL Server. It seems their code has a bug in it, of which they are aware, and it will be fixed in their next release, which is due out within (HOPEFULLY) the next month. The drivers for Oracle work quite well, and the only problem that has been noted, is that you need to use a SQLDRIVERCONNECT to connect to the database, instead of SQLCONNECT. This has been reported to Openlink, and will be addressed in the next release.


    UPDATE (13 NOV 00): The new drivers are out and unfortunately, the same bug is still there.