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Dear all,

I have a requirements to obtain disk sizes, space available, space used...etc. However, these disks are housed in a Celerra (in the Symmetrix disk cabinet to be precise).

My problem is; which ever module i use (win32::disk info and adminmisc so far) will only return C$ drive, which is not quite correct, this drive either was created by a CIFS or using win32 SrvMgr or similar method. I also believe that the is quota's are in place. This is so I can plan for backups and the amount of tapes required,...etc.

My question is; is there away that i can obtain size, space, and used space of the file system allocated per each volume -i.e physical cluster disks pertaining to that volume? In other words the disk size info as it is on the Celerra, as one would get if it was an MSWin based server! or Is there any modules or away to achieve the results?

Your comments are highly appreciated.