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Re: 90% of every Perl app IS written already

by dug (Chaplain)
on Oct 21, 2003 at 21:16 UTC ( #301076=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to 90% of every Perl app IS written already
in thread Multi tiered web applications in Perl

But, that's not what you care about. XML::Parser was a huge portion of this application. Parsing XML is one of the harder things you can do. Let's say that takes about 1500 lines to do. (It's actually much more than that, but who's counting?)
Well, *I'm* counting ;-) You use XML parsing as the canonical example, and I appreciate how XML::LibXML simplifies my life (mostly because Perl simplifies my life), but it's not that difficult to parse an XML document using libxml2's native interface.

Personally, most of my large apps are down in the 80-85% range
This will help explain why I said your previous statement was patently false. You said 90% of *every* program. The reason that rubbed me wrong is because it can't be true. I re-use a lot. I was just curious as to how much other folks tend to re-use. That's all.

-- dug
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