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Re: PP - am I crazy or what!?

by teabag (Pilgrim)
on Oct 15, 2003 at 13:17 UTC ( #299406=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to PP - am I crazy or what!?

I also had some trouble with standalone scripts made with PAR and found out it doesn't automatically import all TK modules you used. I think it also doesn't follow modules that are used by other modules you used in your script.

F.I. I used

use Tk;
Which worked in my normal perl script but to get it working with PAR as a PAR standalone executable I had to use:
use Tk; use Tk::Menubutton; use Tk::Text; use Tk::FileSelect;
The same goes for:
use IO::File; use File::Find;
One of these seems to use Carp::Heavy;

When I included the extra modules my standalone exe worked like a charm. I found out which modules were missing by running the exe from the commandline on a machine on which I have no perl installed. The error output tell you the missing modulename. In your case you have to include at least;

use Archive::Zip; use Tk::Dialog;
I hope it solves your problems. It worked for me ;)
P.S. If it all works you might want to use the option --gui to get rid of the dos window.

Sure there's more than one way, but one just needs one anyway - Teabag

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Re: Re: PP - am I crazy or what!?
by michaelg (Beadle) on Oct 15, 2003 at 14:44 UTC
    Hi TB
    Well I tried all these but maybe I missed somthin
    I'll try to do it agian (now I know it is a common bug)
    The problem is I tried it with only one button or one
    Label and It didn't work , so it sacre me a lil.
    Thanks anyway , live long and prosper
    michaelg :+)

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