Ever since vroom created the function to download code, it doesn't seem that anyone wondered why there is no "download code" link if a reply contains downloadable code.

Rather more frequently I want to download code from a reply. The only way to do this, is to first go to that reply and then download the code. Which seems to me to be an extra pageload that could be avoided. Both for the user as well as the server.

So I think it would be a good idea to also supply a "Download code", or possibly shorter just "Code", next to the Reply link in a reply (if there is code, of course).


It appears that my poor understanding of the Everything machine lead me to believe that no extra database access would be required for this change to be implemented. It appears there would have to be an extra database access. Which I think is to be avoided at all cost (having already several hundreds of database accesses for each page rendered). Please consider my idea as scrapped: the extra database accesses for each reply being rendered will not outweigh the possible savings of not having to render an extra page when one wants to access the code link.