Avast ye scurvy lubbers! Thanks to the efforts of Cap'n Martin, this here be code to remind thee that Friday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yarrr!
use Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl; $treasure=<<"Harrr!"; It seemed 'twas just going to be another day writing more Perl ,when suddenly... a PIRATE! .... Harrr! steal @{(map {"of"} the treasure)}; open chest; Yarr!; our @share = split(/$shipmates /,$treasure); while (the gold = plunder @share) { squint at the doubloons; curse Davy Jones' Locker if the doubloons be puny("amounts"); unless (++ a hornpipe %4) { Shiver me timbers! the booty = reverse split(/$shipmates/,puny(the gold)); Avast! thrust the treasure, vast(hurl the booty); cry join ($shipmates,reverse the treasure)," ";}} close chest; Arrrr! yell Splice the mainbrace! and sail off; Yo ho ho!
Now - where's that rum?

Blackhearted Ben.