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What you want to do is to add auto-authentication to a particular web site. I'll talk about how you could do this with the next version of HTTP::Proxy, which will be out someday, when I have more time to work on the remaining details.

I must admit I haven't read your code that much, and that the old API is a little behind me now, but:

In your post you say:

the docs for the module are quite basic

I resent that... ;-) In version 0.09, the HTTP/ file is 974 lines long, and there are 303 lines of pod documentation. Please tell me what's missing, so I can improve that in the next version (where 12 new modules will appear).

Warning: The HTTP::Proxy API will change a lot in version 0.10. It should be much easier to write simple filters, and a lot of helper filters and examples will be included. The latest CVS snapshot is always available from

For those interested, an example proxy is running most of the time on (It's a proxy: you need to configure your browser to use it.)