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Re: Using expect to do make install when installing perl mods

by adrianh (Chancellor)
on Sep 13, 2003 at 21:52 UTC ( #291297=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Using expect to do make install when installing perl mods

You can get ExtUtils::MakeMaker to do most of this work for you. Download all of the modules, untar them, and move them all into a single directory.

Add a Makefile.PL at the root of the directory like this:

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile( NAME => 'MyBundle', VERSION => 0.01, INST_LIB => './blib/lib', INST_ARCHLIB => './blib/arch', );

Then tar everything up into MyBundle.tgz. You should then be able to do:

% tar xfvz MyBundle.tgz % cd MyBundle % perl Makefile.PL % make % make test % make install

to install all of the modules.

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