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Re: Re: wxPerl image handling (short & sweet).

by PodMaster (Abbot)
on Sep 03, 2003 at 20:38 UTC ( #288735=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: wxPerl image handling (short & sweet).
in thread wxPerl image handling (short & sweet).

Yes, you installed a modern version of Wx {grin}

If you examine released about the same time as this tutorial, you can see a Wx::Image listed (also in

If you examine you can see there is no, but (like still exists.

This means that you only need to say "use Wx;" and the Wx::Image package will be loaded.

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Re: Re: Re: wxPerl image handling (short & sweet).
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 04, 2003 at 21:35 UTC
    Thanks - that fixed it.

    I also had to change the ConvertToBitmap method call (listed as deprecated in the doco, and not found at runtime) to a Wx::Bitmap->new call.

    So now it runs, but photos look just awful. It looks like there isn't enough colour depth, but $bmp->getDepth() returns 24.

      It seems the problem is displaying images below their native resolution. I think there's something wrong with the way the bitmap merges pixels.
      Kind of old thread but anyway. When I do my $bmp = Wx::Bitmap->new(); insted of CovertToBitmap i get overload error. Can you help me?

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