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I need to work out a bunch of data with an algorithm i didn't choose. The algorithm has nothing to do with the "real" soundex algorithm (see Text::Soundex), even though it was called like that where i read it. So from now on i will baptize this algorithm Weirdex; this is described to receive a string in input and then:

larry walllarywl

My first coding of Weirdex is

sub weirdex { local $_ = shift; my ($weirdex, $vowel) = ('', 0); s/[^a-zA-Z]//g; for (split '') { if (/[aeiou]/i) { $vowel++ or $weirdex .= $_; } else { $weirdex .= $_ if substr($weirdex, -1, 1) ne $_; } } return $weirdex; }

I'm interested in more elegant/efficient solutions, only regexp solutions and even Golf/Obfu ones.
Thank you.