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Re: Re: Bug in 5.8.0 fields/base pragmata?

by Gnezdo (Initiate)
on Jul 23, 2003 at 22:36 UTC ( #277362=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Bug in 5.8.0 fields/base pragmata?
in thread Bug in 5.8.0 fields/base pragmata?

Here is a test case that reliably demonstrates the problem on 5.8.0. If you move the second "use base" to before the preceeding "use fields" the test will succeed. Internally %Bar::FIELDS is getting populated with duplicate values which is causing the trouble.
package Foo; use strict; use fields qw(Foo_field); sub new ($) { return fields::new(shift); } package Bar; use strict; use fields qw(Bar_field); use base qw(Foo); package main; use Test::More 'no_plan'; my Bar $obj = new Bar(); ok ($obj, "got instance"); ok ($obj->isa("Bar"), "it's a Bar"); ok ($obj->isa("Foo"), "it's a Foo"); ok ($obj->{Bar_field} = 2, "Can assign Bar_field"); ok ($obj->{Foo_field} = 3, "Can assign Foo_field"); is ($obj->{Bar_field}, 2, "Bar is assigned"); is ($obj->{Foo_field}, 3, "Foo is assigned");

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