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Re: Re: Functions Signatures

by nofernandes (Beadle)
on Jul 17, 2003 at 12:15 UTC ( #275190=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Functions Signatures
in thread Functions Signatures

Ok.. but so i cannot show the arguments of the file?

Ok thank you very much!!

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Re: Functions Signatures
by Abigail-II (Bishop) on Jul 17, 2003 at 12:24 UTC
    Arguments of the file? What do you mean by that?


      .. I made a mistake.. not arguments of a file!! Arguments of the function!!

      Sorry.. i was distracted!!

        Unless you are using prototypes, user defined functions take lists as arguments. Lists have no names. If you are looking into somehow from the source deduce that it should report sub Hello($text), then forget it. The sub, as defined, takes a list as argument.

        If you want a static language like Java, instead of a dynamic one like Perl, go code in Java. But Perl isn't Java.


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