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I have a text file like this:

try **until **you **succeed

I'm opening this file in a Tk text widget and searching for
the pattern **.
Then for each match found,
I need to extract the word next to the pattern
for example the word "until"
Here's the code I tried:

foreach $mitem(@missing) { $result=$t->search(-forwards,"**",'end'); #print"\nThe start pos of the pattern:"; #print "\n$result"; $start=$result+.2; #print "\n$start"; @chars=$t->get("$start","$start wordend"); print "\nThe word:"; print"\n@chars"; #$t->tagConfigure("wrong",-foreground=>"red"); #$t->tagAdd("wrong","$start","wordend");

The value of $result is printed as 1.4(5th char on 1st line)
Then $start holds the value 1.6(1.4 for the first *, 1.5
for the 2nd *,1.6 for the character 'u' in the word 'until')
Then I need to extract all the chars from 'u' to 'l'(all
chars in 'until')
But these lines in the code:

@chars=$t->get("$start","$start wordend"); print "\nThe word:"; print"\n@chars";
print only the first character i.e. 'u'.
What could be the problem here? Any help would be appreciated.