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binding a slurpy rw hash

by jonadab (Parson)
on Jun 08, 2003 at 20:31 UTC ( #264150=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl 6 feature that scares me the most:

The prospect of binding a slurpy rw hash worries me, because if it scares Larry, I figure there must be something frightening about it. I can imagine folks here on Perlmonks fooling around in the obfuscation section reminiscing about when obfuscated code was mostly a bunch of punctuation and you could just read it carefully and deobfuscate it in your head.

I'm also a little bit on edge about the whole subrule thing. I mean, that's powerful, sure, but it could be another way to make code hard to follow, also, because the subrules can be changed between calls of the main rule. I envision self-modifying code that breeds new generations of itself, tests them for efficiency and terseness, picks the "best", rince, repeat...

"Back in my day, anyone could deobfuscate a good JAPH in twenty minutes... we didn't have these fancy new-fangled recursive genetic JAPHs... those things turn your brain to mush, you know..."

OTOH, I'm thoroughly excited about the Perl6 object model.

{my$c;$ x=sub{++$c}}map{$ \.=$_->()}map{my$a=$_->[1]; sub{$a++ }}sort{_($a->[0 ])<=>_( $b->[0])}map{my@x=(& $x( ),$ _) ;\ @x} split //, "rPcr t lhuJnhea o";print;sub _{ord(shift)*($=-++$^H)%(42-ord("\r"))};

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