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Re: Perl 6: Will we use it?

by l2kashe (Deacon)
on Jun 06, 2003 at 15:57 UTC ( #263735=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl 6: Will we use it?

I will use it. I think that "production" codebases will put it off as long as possible, for a slew of reasons.

In my mind there *must* be valid reasons for such a radical rewrite. The core developers of Perl obviously thought that where the language needed/wanted to grow wasn't m/(?:cleanly|efficiently|)/ possible in its present state. I know that there have been many a discussion inregards to Perl's internals, and the hackish nature of some code. Also I think that this allows Perl to step forward into a "brighter" spotlight and get the respect I think it truly deserves from the world at large, as opposed to us "zealots". ;)

I love the speed of prototyping and execution Perl provides to myself and others. I love the functionality built into the core of the language, the extensibility provided by CPAN. The fact that I can go from wrapping a bit of C around my Perl code and directly access system libraries, all the way upto say the GD family generating dynamic images on the fly in variety of outputs, or the functionality provided by CGI is amazing to say the least. But not only is it amazing between the breadth of scope covered by perl, but the fact that the syntax changes very little between this massive scope.

Easy things should be easy, difficult things should be possible.
With that in mind, I say bring on Perl 6. If we can keep that mentality, while speeding up runtime, appeasing the people's request for more static variables, on top of cleaning the OOP interface, *and* provide those who want it, bytecode to run on multiple systems without the source I say Im all for it...

even though the new syntax scares me just a bit

MMMMM... Chocolaty Perl Goodness.....

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