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Hey, How about MD (MiniDisc)?

You have Discs of 70min & 80min, and with newer Players you use something like MP3 to encode the music. So, you now have 140min and 160min. It has a new format too, MDLP, that enable 5h of music in one single disk!

I think that MiniDic is much better than MP3 players. 1st, the MiniDic is recordable (something about 1 million times). 2nd, you don't need anti-shock (but it has). 3d, the player battery works for 9h (or more in newer players).

Now I'm waiting the new resource (NetMD), where you can drag and drop your MP3 to the MiniDic directly. Thank good, I have waiting this for 5 years. ;-P

Graciliano M. P.
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