in reply to About Perlmonks: How would you describe PM?

A few weeks ago i came across (with?) the PerlMonks-site. As a perl-fan I liked it immediatly.

The imaginary structure of a virtual monastery is not only funny but also a good help for orientation. The renunciation of any bits and pieces gives a respectable and solid impression which becomes more deeply if one reads the partially absolut profound answers on any questions.

Very cool and motivating for being member in this club is the XP-system. It's fine that i now have a room for winning recognition on a field which occupies me so much. And when i sometimes felt a slightly hubris on my perl-knowledge i've noticed that this was absolutly out of proportion, since i know it really better now.

Long speech, short sense. For me PerlMonks is THE site.

But enough now. I have to work on my clerical career... ;-P

(... and on my english too ...)