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by nuance (Hermit)
on Aug 02, 2000 at 20:08 UTC ( #25756=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE:
in thread "running with scissors"

I have to say I find it odd that someone would add a node to a conversation whose only purpose is to complain that the conversation is too long.


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by Macphisto (Hermit) on Aug 02, 2000 at 21:10 UTC
    Actually nuance, I wasn't complaining about the length of the conversation I was talking about the endless politics that goes on surrounding merlyn.

    Nobody expects the The Spanish Inquisition
      Aah, my apologies then, I misunderstood your intent. I don't think that there is "endless politicing" surronding merlyn. I think that there was a problem certainly, I think it was a communication problem where merlyn was genuinely trying to figure out how to post without getting constanly flamed.

      I you've been following anything at all that he's posted in the past few days, you can see that it's obviously worked. Same content different tone (that's a win as far as I'm concerned).

      I also think that this is an appropriate forum for discussing these issues. It's under "Perl Monks Discussion", if you're fed up with the "politics" fine stop reading the section of the site where they're discussed. IMO these topics need aired and this is the correct forum. It would seem that the "problem" has been solved, hopefully to everyones satisfaction and we can now drop it.


        My view is the following: I take Randall at a 50/50 chance. If I have a problem and post my code, Randall is the person I'd like to get a very constructive criticism from. He is brilliant, and he does deserve accolades. I am however unimpressed with the way he treats some of the newer people on the board, or someone who asks a question that he feels is beneath him. But, you are correct, and I don't wish to see any more "Randall-talk" much less contribute to it anymore. It isn't in any way helpful to the board.
        Given that I really don't want to continue the discussion on Randall, because I would like to see it get m
        Nobody expects the The Spanish Inquisition

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