in reply to A reasonable temporary password generator?

Next time search also on CPAN :) If you search password on CPAN, you will get the following modules:

  1. Crypt::GeneratePassword: generate secure random pronounceable passwords
  2. Data::Password: Perl extension for assesing password quality

These modules will give what you need and let you follow merlyn's suggestions. For example:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Crypt::GeneratePassword; use Data::Password qw(:all); my $password = Crypt::GeneratePassword::word(8, 8); $DICTIONARY = 4; $GROUPS = 1; $FOLLOWING_KEYBOARD = 1; print "password $password "; if (my $check = IsBadPassword($password)) { print "not good, because $check\n"; } else { print "is good\n"; }

Ciao, Valerio