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RE: RE: Matching an IP address

by Fastolfe (Vicar)
on Aug 02, 2000 at 00:57 UTC ( #25594=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: Matching an IP address
in thread Matching an IP address

Why exclude

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RE: RE: RE: Matching an IP address
by young perlhopper (Scribe) on Aug 02, 2000 at 01:00 UTC
    I didn't explicitly say that you should... i was just pointing out that his regex looks like it would allow:
    etc, etc...

    Thanks for pointing that out though, i wasn't terribly clear... -Mark

      This is a good point, and I believe some stacks even treat octets with a leading zero as octal versions of the IP address (!), in which case none of the solutions I've seen presented on this topic would be adequate.

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