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Re: Sensible error handling

by Louis_Wu (Chaplain)
on May 02, 2003 at 19:11 UTC ( #255135=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Sensible error handling

Certainly this involves more work for the developer and is not a consolation for many of us here who have been accustomed to cherish the virtue of ‘laziness’ ;-)
I guess more work depends on how broad your view is.

If you just consider the work needed to fix these cases, then it's just work down the drain. If you consider the wider scope of what the users have to deal with, your work has done some good, even if you don't see the benefit.

Broaden your view again, and you see that the tech support people and the editorial / marketing staff now won't have to deal with angry calls / emails saying "I followed your stupid link to your stupid site and it gave me a stupid error", so you have created a direct benefit for your company.

Expand your horizons once more and you'll see that tech support / editors / marketing won't be beating on your boss's door and accusing you of having a stupid website which doesn't understand a simple link; now you get a direct benefit, a boss who isn't frustrated. :)

And now you don't have to do more work to satisfy these people when your boss calls you on the weekend. :)

Perl programming and scheduling in the corporate world, as explained by dragonchild:
"Uhh ... that'll take me three weeks, broken down as follows: 1 day for coding, the rest for meetings to explain why I only need 1 day for coding."

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