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CGI is even less newbie friendly.

by pfaut (Priest)
on Apr 19, 2003 at 02:12 UTC ( #251604=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: The Gates of Perl are not newbie friendly.
in thread The Gates of Perl are not newbie friendly.

You mention CGI - although perl is very good for developing CGI applications, I would not recommend it until you get a better understanding of how perl works. CGI programs are notoriously difficult to debug. If you throw a beginner's understanding of the language and CGI programming together, you're likely to become extremely frustrated as you try to figure out how to figure out why your program doesn't work. Unless you have a very good understanding of how your webserver and CGIs work and how to debug them, I would recommend putting your efforts into getting things to work from the command line first and only moving on to CGI after becoming comfortable with the language.

90% of every Perl application is already written.

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Re: CGI is even less newbie friendly.
by Hielo (Sexton) on Apr 19, 2003 at 14:45 UTC
    I agree 100%, I have decided that I will take the next month, and learn the very basics of Perl, basic input&output stuff, get that so I know the inside of it as well as the outsides, after that I will add a bit of the more esoteric stuff, Databases and the such.

    Problem is, my wife has a website she wants to setup for her business, and wants me to do it. My HTML skills are mediocre at best <s>, but I know enough to get it rolling. What I want to do on it is pretty specific and I have much of it plotted out, I only have to get up to speed on perl to bring it together.

    CGI will have to wait, though there is a very interesting module (can you belive I am still trying to figure modules out, getting them, getting them installed...) that I am dieing to use, and I have spent the better part of the past two days smashing my head up againt it.

    . I am going to use that module as the stepping stone from not knowing modules to actually knowing them <s>.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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