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Re: Updating Specific Fields in MS Access

by Chmrr (Vicar)
on Apr 17, 2003 at 01:29 UTC ( #251100=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Updating Specific Fields in MS Access

On the line which currently reads:

while (INPUT) are missing a set of angle brackets. That is, it should say..

while (<INPUT>)

You might want to consider doing your connect() call outside of the loop, rather than doing it over and over, though, That, and the voices in my head that keep chanting "use strict; use strict; use strict;"..

Update: Forgot to mention placeholders, as well.

Update 2: I keep looking at the code and seeing more things. I probably shouldn't have been as hasty in my first posting. ;> In any case, the following lines probably don't do what you want them to do:

@row=$sth1->fetchrow_array(); foreach ("$row\n" eq "$field1\n") {

That retrieves one row from your SQL query, and throws it away. It then checks if the string "$row\n" (and $row is undefined) is equal ro the string "$field1\n". Not knowing what you are trying to do, it's hard for me to suggest corrected code, but that's most probably not what you meant. ;>

perl -pe '"I lo*`+$^X$\"$]!$/"=~m%(.*)%s;$_=$1;y^`+*^e v^#$&V"+@( NO CARRIER'

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