(Sorry about the extremity of the off-topic nature of this. I just thought more people than just myself would be interested.)

It's been over a year now since Tilly has been here (in any "official" capacity). According to his home node, he last visited March 30th of last year. (Anyone not aware of what happened to Tilly can read a very interesting and very scary write up -- Professional Employees and Works for Hire. I, also, recommend reading through his write-up's; there are a lot of gems in there.)

So, I was just wondering if anyone knows if he is doing well? I am not asking for anyone who does know him personally to step forward and start revealing private details about his life. Rather, just sort of a:

Yes, Tilly is doing well. He still works for the same company, and they have him on several very interesting projects. He hopes he can be more active in the Perl community again, someday. He sends his regards.

I am sure a lot of people here would like to hear how he is doing.


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