Catagorized Q & A works a little different than other parts of the Monastery.   Answers don't thread below one level, yet Comments to answers do but aren't seen at the Question root.

I encountered this at print HTML?, and am unclear on best way to post a question to Novician about his question.
What do fellow Monks say?

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RE: Proper usage in Q&A? (Let the Q&AEditors clean it up)
by Russ (Deacon) on Jul 29, 2000 at 01:51 UTC
    Well, based on the way it seems to have worked (historically) , just ask the question as your answer.

    As a Q&A Editor, I try to stay on top of Categorized Questions and Answers. If I see an "answer" like that, I will let it stay for a few days, then clean it up before it drops from the "Newest Questions" list.

    So, I would say, "Just post your question as an answer, and let the Q&A Editors fix it." We're a pretty tolerant group. :-)

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