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Get Booklist from San Francisco Peninsula Library System with WWW::Mechanize

by blakem (Monsignor)
on Apr 06, 2003 at 09:03 UTC ( #248412=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This script will pull a list of the books you currently have checked out from the San Francisco Peninsula Library system. It will email you the list if any of the books are due within a user definable period of time.

The challenging part of this script is that the data we're interested in takes 5 clicks to get to. The original script I wrote scraped all five pages and was very fragile. I rewrote the code to get to the fifth page using WWW::Mechanize (written by petdance) and am very pleased with the result. The fetch_html() subroutine used to be several hundred lines long, now its about a dozen.

I discussed the Mechanize code in fetch_html at a recent Silicon Valley perl mongers lightning talk.

Thanks petdance, WWW::Mechanize was a big win here.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use 5.006; use warnings; use WWW::Mechanize; use Time::Piece; use Mail::Mailer; use HTML::TableExtract; use Getopt::Long; use Pod::Usage; # Default auth info my $defaultuser = '12345678901234'; my $defaultpass = '1234'; my $defaultemail = ''; my $starturl = ' +='; # Get command line options my %opt; GetOptions (\%opt, 'user=s', 'pass=s', 'outfile=s', 'email=s', 'daystowarn=i', 'maxtitlelen=i', 'send_email', 'print_output', 'save_output', 'help', ) or pod2usage(-verbose => 1) && exit; # Fill in some defaults $opt{daystowarn} ||= 3; $opt{user} ||= $defaultuser; $opt{pass} ||= $defaultpass; $opt{email} ||= $defaultemail; $opt{maxtitlelen} ||= 58; $opt{print_output} = 1 if !($opt{send_email} || $opt{save_output}); $opt{help} && pod2usage(-verbose => 1) && exit; # Generate the output text my $html = fetch_html($starturl); my $data = parse_data_from_html($html); my $sorted = sort_data_by_date($data); my $mindays = $sorted->[0][2]; my $output = build_output($sorted); # Do something with the output text save_output($output) if $opt{save_output}; print_output($output) if $opt{print_output}; email_output($output,$mindays) if $opt{send_email} and $mindays < $opt{daystowarn}; ######### SUBS ########## sub fetch_html { my $url = shift; my $agent = WWW::Mechanize->new(); $agent->quiet(1); $agent->get($url); error($agent,1) unless $agent->status eq 200; $agent->follow('Your Library Account'); $agent->form(1); $agent->field('sec1',$opt{user}); $agent->field('sec2',$opt{pass}); $agent->click('button'); error($agent,2) if $agent->content =~ /Login\s+failed/; $agent->follow('Checked Out'); $agent->follow('Due Date'); return $agent->content; } sub parse_data_from_html { my $html = shift; my $te = new HTML::TableExtract ( headers => ['Due Date'], subtables => 1, ); $te->parse($html); my (@dates,@titles); foreach my $ts ($te->table_states) { my $depth = ($ts->coords)[0]; if ($depth == 2) { my $title = ($ts->rows)[0]->[0]; $title =~ s|\s+/$||; $title = substr($title,0,$opt{maxtitlelen}) if length($title) > $opt{maxtitlelen}; push(@titles,$title); } else { @dates = map {$_->[0]} $ts->rows; } } my ($checkedout) = $html =~ /Checked\s+Out:\s*(\d+)/; $checkedout ||= 0; warn "Dates=" . @dates . "; Titles=" . @titles . "; Checkedout=$chec +kedout" if @titles != @dates or @titles != $checkedout; my @rv; push(@rv,[$titles[$_],$dates[$_]]) for 0..$#dates; return \@rv; } sub sort_data_by_date { my $data = shift; my @rv; my $today = Time::Piece->strptime(localtime()->ymd, "%Y-%m-%d"); for (@$data) { my ($title,$datestr) = @$_; my $date = Time::Piece->strptime($datestr, "%m/%d/%Y"); my $days = int(($date - $today)->days); push(@rv,[$title,$datestr,$days]); } @rv = sort {$a->[2] <=> $b->[2]} @rv; return \@rv; } sub build_output { my $sorted = shift; my $output = localtime() . "\n"; for (@$sorted) { my ($title,$datestr,$days) = @$_; $output .= sprintf "%2s days (%s) %s\n", $days, $datestr, $title; } return $output; } sub print_output { my $output = shift; print $output; } sub save_output { my $output = shift; warn "no output file specified" unless $opt{outfile}; if ($output && $opt{outfile}) { open(OUT,">$opt{outfile}") or die; print OUT $output; close(OUT); } } sub email_output { my $output = shift; my $mindays = shift; my $plural = abs($mindays) == 1 ? '' : 's'; my $subject; if ($mindays < 0) { $subject = "Library Books Are " . abs($mindays) . " day$plural LAT +E"; } elsif ($mindays == 0) { $subject = "Library Books Are Due Today"; } else { $subject = "Library Books Are Due in $mindays day$plural"; } my $mailer = Mail::Mailer->new; my %headers = (To => $opt{email}, Subject => $subject, ); $mailer->open(\%headers); print $mailer $output; $mailer->close; } sub error { my $agent = shift; my $err = shift; my $url = $agent->uri; if ($err == 1) { warn "ERROR (".$agent->status."): Can't get $url\n"; warn " Library website may be down\n"; } elsif ($err == 2) { warn "ERROR: Incorrect login information\n"; } exit; } =head1 NAME =head1 SYNOPSIS Print, save, or email a list of books checked out from the San Francisco Peninsula Library System. % --user=12345678901234 -pass=1234 =head1 DESCRIPTION Fetch and print a list of books checked out of the San Francisco Peninsula Library System =head1 ARGUMENTS --user=USER # 14 digit library barcode --pass=PASS # 4 digit library pin nuber (last part of phone nu +mber) --email=EMAIL # email to send booklist to --outfile=FILENAME # file to save booklist to --daystowarn=INT # warn this many days in advance --maxtitlelen=INT # maximum length of title to display in booklist =head1 OPTIONS --help # print this help info --send_email # email booklist if due in less than $daystowarn d +ays --save_output # save the booklist to $outfile --print_output # print booklist =head1 AUTHOR blakem =head1 CREDITS petdance wrote WWW::Mechanize, which made this script feasible =head1 BUGS None that I know of. =cut


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Re: Get Booklist from San Francisco Peninsula Library System with WWW::Mechanize
by vek (Prior) on Apr 06, 2003 at 17:35 UTC

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