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Schemer wrote:
# an object could manipulate itself &$object("add-msg", "get-self", sub {return $object});

I have to disagree with this one. you're not referring to "self" (in OO terms), but merely to the (lexical, in this case) variable $object. consider this:

my $object = make_object(); &$object("add-msg", "get-self", sub {return $object}); my $copy = $object; print &$copy("get-self"), "\n"; $object = 42; print &$copy("get-self"), "\n";
the output of this snippet is:
CODE(0x18350d8) 42
which shows that $copy is still an "object", but the second call to get-self returns the current value of $object (which is not an "object" anymore).


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