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Re: Seemingly-inappropriate reaping of nodes

by boo_radley (Parson)
on Mar 20, 2003 at 21:22 UTC ( #244723=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Seemingly-inappropriate reaping of nodes

Enlil and tall_man have been reaping nodes in the UnitedStates::agenda thread. I feel that their stated reasons behind the reapings border on censorship. I understand that discussing possible motives for the Bush administration war activities has extremely little bearing on Perl. However, neither does the voluminous thread on the WTC bombings. Not much was reaped there.
Since it's in poetry, it's hard to make a distinction of what's ontopic and what's not. But, that entire thread's flamebait material, from clairudjinn's post on down. It's regrettable that -- one -- people replied to it -- two --any node there survive, let alone yours. I do, however, hope that the damn thing will just stay down when it scrolls off newest nodes in a few days. Whether you're afore or agin' the war, there's not much to be gained from commenting on this particular "anti-war"/"pro-peace" screed. I don't mind debate -- although PerlMonks is definitely not the place for such debate, but debate doesn't look like that, anyway.

Two of my nodes were reaped. I was not contacted or consulted in any way. In particular, I was not asked to tone it down or restate my positions.
I think it's a rare occasion when anyone's consulted before having his/her node considered and reaped, for any reason. Don't let the contentious material in the thread (and your post) color your thoughts on this particular point. Also, consider that not only did tall_man consider your node (considering is not reaping!) but he found enough like-minded people to get it reaped, and the node sunk to -10 rep seemingly very quickly.

While I can appreciate your dislike for how your nodes were handled, I think it'd be best to not let this weigh on your chest. I really dislike the idea of perlmonks as a hotbed for international political debate, even if someone could craft a witty and informed script, let alone an invective-filled one.
Also, I'd like to point out that on this topic, I don't represent any of PerlMonk's administrative groups that I am member of -- this is just me giving my own opinion on the subject. And no, it doesn't matter if I'm pro- or anti- anything; I don't want my response to be colored by the politics of war. I would like to see you get beyond these actions so we can get back to our regularly scheduled show. Go to your happy place, dragonchild :-)

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