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I'm running a mod_perl program on Apache (where else?), and it uses Apache::DBI and DBD::mysql to connect with my database. In this database I have a table of "quotes", and I use the following code to attempt to select a random one.

my $sth = $state->{'DBH'}->prepare('SELECT quote,author FROM quotes OR +DER BY RAND() LIMIT 1'); $sth->execute; my $row = $sth->fetchrow_arrayref; $sth->finish;

It seems to consistantly select 1 quote for each thread that apache is running, and those are the only quotes I can get out of it through normal use. Simply going in and executing that statement from a terminal yields different ones almost all the time. When there are 80 to choose from, and 3 threads (non-production server), it pushes probability that I could consistantly get only the same three quotes. Does Apache::DBI, DBI, DBD::mysql or MySQL itself cache responses?

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