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Re^4: perl2exe - no more secrets

by kelan (Deacon)
on Feb 24, 2003 at 17:06 UTC ( #238169=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Re: perl2exe - no more secrets
in thread perl2exe - no more secrets

But when they say "You can also ship the executable file without having to ship your perl source code.", doesn't that sound a lot like "Hey, no one will be able to get at your source!"? It sure seems as if they're trying, at least, to imply that your source will be safe.


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Re: Re^4: perl2exe - no more secrets
by Jenda (Abbot) on Feb 24, 2003 at 21:44 UTC

    I guess this depends on where do you come from and what do you look for. I guess if you search for something that would hide your source code you can understand the sentence like that. I don't see the meaning there unless I try a lot, but some people might.


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