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(OT) Farewell to a Blessed Space

by dthacker (Deacon)
on Feb 17, 2003 at 08:11 UTC ( #235913=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

As I write this, it's nearly 1 AM. My company is moving to new office space next weekend, and I've just finished packing up my office. I've been working in this room, at this desk, for almost nine years. It's time to reflect a bit on the time I've spent here, in what I consider a very blessed space.

This job, and this office came to me when I was just about burned out from a stint at an struggling, understaffed telemarketer. I got a chance to catch my breath, work a normal week, and learn the hotel industry. Since it was a small shop, I got to do programming, system administration, database administration, and even work with the phone system. I've found my vocation in administration, and my avocation in programming. I get to do what I love to do every day. I am very grateful for that.

I've learned to handle myself professionally. I've worked with great teammates who have helped me understand what a joy a highly functioning team could be. I've also worked with a couple of bullies, and eventually learned to stand up to them. I've made mistakes, been disciplined, and proved that I could learn from them. I'm more confident about my work, but also more careful.

My personal life has been lived out in this space too. I've been divorced and re-married. When things got too ugly at home, my office sometimes became a sanctuary. One of the most healing and forgiving conversations I've ever had took place here on the phone on a Friday night long ago. I had the privilege of meeting a co-worker who became my friend and mentor, and the pain of losing them to illness. Lots of laughter was heard in this room, and more than a few tears were shed.

My favorite perl moment in this room was in 1999, when I bought my copy of the llama and left it on my desk. One of my more bullying co-workers saw the book on my desk, picked it up, and said "Why do want to learn a dead language!. Learn Java!" He's gone now. I'm still here. My boss loves perl. :)

And so it's time to go. There's a new space for me, smaller and less private, but still mine. I still have the thirst to learn, to teach, and to serve. Maybe the biggest lesson I've learned here is that it's not where I do my work, but what I do and how I do it that's most important. Thanks for reading an old monk's rant. I thank God for my time in this blessed space.

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Re: (OT) Farewell to a Blessed Space
by l2kashe (Deacon) on Feb 17, 2003 at 14:17 UTC
    First off, best of luck in the new space

    There is something to be said for your surroundings contributing to your state of mind, and it can be difficult sometimes to move to a new environment. Your subconscious has to go through the process of acclimating itself to the new "common noises" in the area, and begin filtering them out.

    It can be very difficult for me to move around, and attempt to develop, or even admin systems in quasi new surroundings, or even co-workers cubes, simply due to the differences in the atmosphere, and how they have arranged their desk.

    It's also tough to leave a place with sentimental/emotional buildup. Usually for me it takes some time to settle in due to the barren feeling of a new environ.

    So again I wish you the best of luck. For me its easiest when I bring along stuff that was scattered over my walls, and place it around me again. This gives me at least a small sense of comfort.

    /* And the Creator, against his better judgement, wrote man.c */
Re: (OT) Farewell to a Blessed Space
by mowgli (Friar) on Feb 17, 2003 at 09:14 UTC

    Thanks for the post - that certainly was an interesting read. Something I really can't understand, though, is how anyone, even someone who really dislikes Perl as much as possible, could think or have thought that Perl is a dead language - it should be obvious that it is in widespread use to anyone who's working in this field. But well - maybe that's just one of the reasons why he's gone now. :)


Re: (OT) Farewell to a Blessed Space
by rdfield (Priest) on Feb 17, 2003 at 09:57 UTC


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