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Re: Multiple Script calls

by Zaxo (Archbishop)
on Feb 11, 2003 at 00:02 UTC ( #234279=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Multiple Script calls

Do the error logs show anything?

One possibility is that you are running out of database connections, or else saturating the mysql server to the point of timing out. Add error checking to your DBI calls to see if that is the case. You probably would prefer missing images to page death, so the RaiseError attribute is contraindicated. Just add the same sort of error checking you use for the connection to the statement handle's execute method.

Update: "Premature end..." means the script exited before printing the headers. That means it hit die somewhere, a fatal runtime error, or else didn't compile correctly. Have you tried running from the command line? If it compiles correctly, the problem is likely to be dbi related. Try to get some useful messages into the log with diagnostics, Carp, etc.

After Compline,

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Re: Re: Multiple Script calls
by cidaris (Friar) on Feb 11, 2003 at 02:22 UTC
    Multiple entries for "premature end of script headers" that I assume comes from the fact that CGI itself isn't printing a header? I would think that having the line:
    print "Content-type: image/jpeg\n\n"
    would prevent this problem?

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