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Re^3: 0**0

by JaWi (Hermit)
on Jan 16, 2003 at 16:27 UTC ( #227408=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: 0**0
in thread 0**0

Ok, I see your point. However, if you would define 0**0 as being 1, you're making an exception "just because it is so darn handy while programming". In that case, you would need to handle other exceptions like, for example, sqrt(-1) as well, since this would be handy as well...

-- JaWi

"A chicken is an egg's way of producing more eggs."

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Re: Re^3: 0**0
by scain (Curate) on Jan 16, 2003 at 16:29 UTC
    No, not because it is 'so darn handy', because sometimes it is right. See the link I posted under my first response; I trust mine more than yours since it is derived from sci.math FAQs.

    Project coordinator of the Generic Model Organism Database Project

      Ok, having read to quickly through your posted link, I discovered the statement made in the last sentence: <quote>... Consensus has recently been built around setting the value of 0^0 = 1...</quote>.

      So, this statement would annihilate my earlier arguments... I'm convinced: 0**0 = 1.

      -- JaWi

      "A chicken is an egg's way of producing more eggs."

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