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Re: Top goal for 2003

by Phaysis (Pilgrim)
on Jan 08, 2003 at 08:50 UTC ( [id://225219] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Top goal for 2003

Ok. I chose "get a date" because, well, I'd like one. :) I'd also like to become a ubercoder. And get in shape. And get a life. Hmm. I'd like to win the lottery, too; however, winning the lottery would kind of precipitate the other options. Y'think? Maybe I should've picked that. Hmm.

I guess this year I actually have resolutions. A first for me.

  • get a laptop
  • finish my website engine
  • finish my album
  • get more financially resilient
Eh, for the most part, they're achievable. Hopefully so, eh? A good start, to be sure. Here's to 2003. Godspeed, y'all. (Good poll, by the way.)

-Shawn / (Ph) Phaysis
If idle hands are the tools of the devil, are idol tools the hands of god?