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If you want to write a short script, check out the XML::Simple module. If you are writing an application take a look at XML::Parser or XML::Twig.

Here is a snippet that may be helpful:

#!/usr/bin/perl.exe -w use strict; use XML::Simple; use Data::Dumper; my $ref = XMLin("./data.xml"); print Dumper($ref); print $ref->{emp}->{name},$/; print $ref->{emp}->{age},$/; print $ref->{emp}->{address},$/
...and just for completeness here is the 'data.xml' file that I used:
<profile> <emp> <name>Mahesh</name> <age>24</age> <address>New york</address> <desig>Developer</desig> </emp> </profile>
...and what my results looked like:
$ ./ $VAR1 = { 'emp' => { 'desig' => 'Developer', 'address' => 'New york', 'age' => '24', 'name' => 'Mahesh' } }; Mahesh 24 New york

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