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Re: Re: Was my module used or required?

by Biker (Priest)
on Dec 06, 2002 at 11:13 UTC ( #218034=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Was my module used or required?
in thread Was my module used or required?

Excelent point, but only if my module would be a 'traditional' module using the Exporter.

This is an OO module. No export, no import. (Unless I've misunderstood something fundamental again. ;-)

Sorry I didn't mention that in my original post.

Everything went worng, just as foreseen.

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Re: Re: Re: Was my module used or required?
by mojotoad (Monsignor) on Dec 06, 2002 at 17:58 UTC
    You've probably already figured this out based on earlier answers, but the import() method is invoked regardless of whether you choose to inherit it from the Exporter module or not. In addition, there's no reason it has to actually import anything. In this sense, it's simply a hook you can use for anything you want when your module is invoked with use. Fear not for the sanctity of your OO model.


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