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Re: Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32

by Courage (Parson)
on Nov 23, 2002 at 09:43 UTC ( #215364=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32

Really interesting, I think I'll use it.

Could you please explain in two words:

  • how required module is unpacked from executable?
  • Is it "saved" in compressed format?
  • Am I right when I am thinking thatno extra temporary files or directories are required for execution?

Also I want to share my own experience on creating independent distributions.

I use similar approach manually for perl-5.6.0 on Win32 for a quite long time.
I succeeded "packing" perl-5.6.1+Tk+Compress::Zlib+(some-other-modules) into some 20 files, most of which are dll-s on my Win32 machine and all text modules being packed into "" file (~130Kb in size) which at bootstrap time is unpacked into normal perl modules set.
Having in total 20 files with total size of ~2Mb I have perl with Tk and those selected modules, which I often use.
Very convenient to make independent distributions...

Courage, the Cowardly Dog

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Re: Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32
by crenz (Priest) on Nov 24, 2002 at 13:54 UTC

    Thanks for the good question, Courage; I should have mentioned that. I can't really give an authoritative answer about the internals of App::Packer, but I'll tell you what I know :-)

    App::Packer does use compression. My guess is that the main perl file and the module sources are all inside the executable file, in a compressed form. Smaller apps (I quickly tried one that uses a very small test module) don't seem to create temporary files. However, another app I "packaged" that uses Wx, XML::Parser and File::Spec) creates three temporary DLL files upon startup.

    Hope that helps...

    By the way -- thanks to the perl monks for the warm reception of this tutorial. I asked myself whether I should write it or not, and then decided to just do it, even if it is just to get it sorted out for myself again. The response encouraged me to be not so hesitant in the future.

Question: Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32
by Rad (Novice) on Mar 30, 2005 at 22:26 UTC
    Hi, I followed the instructions and created the exe file. when i shipped it to another host, it didnt prompt me for the Perl58.dll So, is there way where i can have it packaged in the exe file itself following this pattern perl -o LogMiner.exe add Perl58.dll My next biggest concern is: the user needs to enter some inputs while exe file runs. so i need to constantly view the console. How is this possible as the console closes as soon as i enter the first input?? Thankyou very much!!! Radhika

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