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(jeffa) Re: pattern matching with heuristics

by jeffa (Bishop)
on Jul 07, 2000 at 17:03 UTC ( #21458=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to pattern matching with heuristics

. . . if you don't like the results of String::Approx, try Text::Soundex - it's slow as well, unfortunately.
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RE: Re: pattern matching with heuristics
by lhoward (Vicar) on Jul 07, 2000 at 17:11 UTC
    Text::Soundex is good for finding "sound-alike" matches, but only for English words. If this is the kind of think you're looking for, you may also want to consider Text::Metaphone. It provides similar functionality to Text::Soundex (reducing a word to a simplified "sound description") but is more "phonetically" advanced and can handle phrases, not just single words. Also, neither of these two as slow at String::Approx, as String::Approx has to compute the edit distance between two strings and both Soundex and Metaphone just reduce a string to a "sound description" of it. Of course, both Metaphone and Soundex are of no use to you if your data is not English text.

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