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Re: Adding additional values to a hash of an hash ?

by hiseldl (Priest)
on Nov 12, 2002 at 19:53 UTC ( #212378=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Adding additional values to a hash of an hash ?

If $hash{'one'} is a hashref, here is one way to do it:
my $hashref = $hash{'one'}; $hashref->{'key1'} = 'value1'; $hashref->{'key2'} = 'value2'; print $_,"=",$hashref->{$_},"\n" foreach keys %$hashref;

What time is it? It's Camel Time!

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Re: Re: Adding additional values to a hash of an hash ?
by gnangia (Scribe) on Nov 12, 2002 at 20:05 UTC
    Unfotunately it won't work for me. I saw some code pasted on one of the posts as follows
    push (@{$data{$formname}}, { 'type' => "select", 'field_name' => $selectname, 'value' => $attr->{'value'}

    This would work for me but I don't know how to access the information. It seems like its being pushed into an array where the arrayname is the hash{key} ? How would one access this info? If I can get the answer to this, then I believe I am all set.

      What you're talking about then is a hash of arrays of hashes. $data{$formname} now returns a reference to the array, and to access an individual hash table in the array you can say something like: $data{$formname}->[0]{type}. Basically, what you're doing is a hash lookup to grab the array reference pointed to by $formname, then using an array index to obtain a reference to the nested hash whose data you need to access, and then doing a normal hash lookup there on 'type'.

      Hi gnangia,

      the code above uses a hash slice (hence the @) to assign a value to the key $formname. The value happens to be an anonymous hash, with keys 'type', 'field_name' and 'value', and corresponding values. What happens is that a reference to said anonymous hash is pushed onto the hash slice. To access fields in this anon hash, use code such as:

      Note that the above is untested and may not work (particularly the top example might need some more curlies).

      Update: Never mind my rambling, I missed a pair of parentheses in your code. fever is correct in what the code is and how you access fields in it. I really must get some more sleep, or less cafeine, or both. I thought pushing stuff onto a hash slice sounded weird when I wrote it :)


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