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Why would anyone want a Rap Star as his or her Projectmanager? I would most certainly not want any rap star as a project manager!

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Re: Re: Rap Star I would most like as my Project Manager
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on Nov 11, 2002 at 13:04 UTC

    Amen brother!

    I'm afraid to these old ears, the very juxtaposition of "rap" and "star" constitutes an oxymoron.! It's bad enough when your PM starts screaming at you when you goof...but to have him (or her) start rappin' at yer. saints (small s intended) preserve us.

    Can you imagine all that hand flapping and finger pointing and....

    Now wa'chew doin' ya im-bi-cile
    Look here bro' you's gotta get real
    These for's n foreach's n crap wiv map
    Splice a slice! It twice as nice.
    What's wi'chew packin'? Dat ain't cool
    Den you gotta unpack, you fool.
    Oh! You used vec! Well ain't dat bitchin'
    And and's 'n' or's 'n' some bit twiddlin'
    So you tink you bad you stupid
    But when you gone, then some poor other
    S'gonna take the heat for you bein' clever
    To clean the sh..ambles you leave behin'
    While you gone clean from t'scene o't'crime
    Dat poor sucker will be doin time.

    N' you don't take it upon your gumption
    To put your code in-to production
    Why you tryin' to usurp my function?
    You gotta know dat's my decision
    Cos you screw up: I get de-rision.
    Now look here Joe or what'sya name
    Do it again and you'll feel the pain
    Of collectin' your cards from the front office
    You gotta learn just who the boss is
    When I say jump you ask how high
    N'if I tell ya, you'll learn to fly.
    But you will respect my headroom
    Or else you'll die!

    I think my response would be "Hey Guy! Nice try. Goodbye", and I'd walk out whistling ol'Blue Eye's "My Way" (though I preferred Johnny Rotton's version:^).

    I'd sing it, but that would leave me liable to prosecution for criminal damage:)

    Nah! You're thinking of Simon Templar, originally played (on UKTV) by Roger Moore and later by Ian Ogilvy
      I know I'm six months late pointing this out, but it was Sid Vicious who covered "My Way", not Johnny Rotten.

      It may seem like a small thing, but speaking as a scholar of the period, there's a world of difference between the two. Lemme see if I can offer a comparison:

      Johnny Rotten is to Sid Vicious as Kevin Smith is to Jason Mewes.

      John had very specific ideas about music, fashion, and society which he expressed through his style and lyrics despite a complete lack of vocal talent and formal education. For a brief shining period, he was able to embody the fear and loathing of a society that was collapsing upon itself. One 19-year-old kid became England's Public Enemy Number One through his lyrics, attitude, and grooming. Not since Elvis has a pop musician had such a dramatic effect in such a short time. Post-breakup, he alone had the foresight to retain the rights to his music, and the brains and balls to fight for what was rightfully his (it took 15 years, but he won). And, post-Pistols, he had a respectable career fronting PiL.

      Sid Vicious was a deeply damaged man-child who was completely unable to cope with success on any level. He couldn't play, had no ideas, and no emotional defenses to protect him from the demands of fame and stresses of infamy. Fun fact: on the Sex Pistols' one album, all Sid's bass lines are overdubbed by Glen Matlock. Sid was brought into the Pistols because of his attitude, not for anything resembling talent. He was a nasty, brutish gutter punk who became the worst rock-and-roll casualty of all time.

      For further study, read England's Dreaming by Jon Savage and watch The Filth and the Fury. There will be a test.

      "What do I want? I'm an American. I want more."

        but speaking as a scholar of the period,

        Hmmm. Showing my age yet again, but I lived through the period:). One night in '77 or '78 I was in Dingwall's at Camden Lock waiting to watch Suzi & The Banshees when a fight broke out. I heard later that it had been (some of) the Sex Pistols, but it was far enough away that I didn't see it myself.

        As for thinking JR did the My Way cover, I honestly didn't think SV was ever straight enough, long enough to actually record the lyrics to a complete song, the base on the albums was mostly over dubbed by a session musican, so I just assumed is was JR. I (still) quite like a few of the things he did with Public Image Ltd. Strange, but strangely evocative, not that I have listened to any of it for many years.

        BTW: Who are "Kevin Smith ... Jason Mewes"?

        (And no, I'm not joking. I quite literally have no idea:)

        Thanks for the bit of history and a short trip down memory lane. '76 (the best summer the UK ever had) through 79/80 my first trip to the States and Canada was just about the best period of my youth.

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