in reply to Module version checking flaw?

from the most authoritative source, section 2, paragraph 9, comma 1:
To be fully compatible with the Exporter and MakeMaker modules you should store your module's version number in a non-my package variable called $VERSION. This should be a valid floating point number with at least two digits after the decimal (ie hundredths, e.g, $VERSION = "0.01"). See for details.

Don't use a "1.3.2" style version directly. If you use RCS or a similar system which supports multilevel versions/branches you can use this (but put it all on one line for MakeMaker VERSION_FROM):

$VERSION = do { my @r=(q$Revision: 3.112 $=~/\d+/g); sprintf "%d."."%03d"x$#r,@r };

so I presume the author of Tk::WorldCanvas is to blame :-)


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