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Hi again,
I think I have the solution I needed.
Using Apache::CVS::* modules directly seems to give me exactly what I need.

See the code below that brings me the last revision of a file:
use Apache::CVS::RcsConfig(); use Apache::CVS::PlainFile(); use Apache::CVS::Directory(); use Apache::CVS::File(); use Apache::CVS::Revision(); # /tmp/remote/ is the directory of my CVS module in the repository my $PATH = "/tmp/remote//VC_DB/utilities/"; my $RCSCONFIG = Apache::CVS::RcsConfig->new(); my $file = Apache::CVS::File->new($PATH, $RCSCONFIG); my $LAST = $file->revision('prev'); print $LAST->content;

In addition, all of the Apache::CVS::* modules can give a nice and working direct access to the CVS repository.
The main idea is - you don't need to know how it is done !

I believe those modules should be moved from below Apache.

Have a nice day,