How should I spend my votes?

General Voting Guidelines

Be sure you understand the Voting/Experience System.

This faqlet exists as a guide to answer questions like: "Why should I vote ++ for a node?", "Why should I vote -- for a node?", "What are the site's official voting rules?", and "How should I spend my votes?". The suggestions given here are exactly that, suggestions. You will of course develop your own, personal voting guidelines over the course of using this site, but hopefully you'll find these ideas useful if you are just starting out and feeling a little lost.

One issue concerning voting is not a matter of opinion but of site policy: votebots are not allowed.

If you're already wondering "What the hell do you mean, 'voting'? How do I vote?", then you're at the wrong node. You belong here: I just became a Novice; Why can't I vote yet?

These guidelines were compiled based on input from a number of Monks in both the Chatterbox and a number of extended threads on the subject (? why do you vote like you do ?, Explanations for Voting, Abusive Negative Voting, and many others since then). If you have anything you'd like to see added, send SiteDocClan a /msg.

The guidelines are arranged by section:

Voting in Seekers of Perl Wisdom

Voting on Wisdom Seekers:

Voting on Wisdom Sharers:

Voting in Cool Uses for Perl

Voting in Perl Poetry

Voting in Obfuscated Code

Voting in Meditations

Voting in Perl Monks Discussion

Voting on Suggestions

Voting on Questions About the Site

Voting on Responses to Nodes (Different from Answering Questions)

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