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Re: Programming Perl as a Job: 8 hours a day is too much for me

by t'mo (Pilgrim)
on Oct 26, 2002 at 21:50 UTC ( #208277=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Programming Perl as a Job: 8 hours a day is too much for me

Oh, come on! Don't you have meetings to go to? How can you possibly have time to code eight hours a day if you have to work with other people?

Perhaps you're more fortunate than I in that your management effectively shields you from tasks outside the coding/development sphere. Perhaps the difference is that I and my co-workers jobs are more along the lines of "maintenance programming" than "new development". We have bugs to fix, users to keep happy, and management to appease. We have the company's ducks to put in a row (and then shove them into a database).

If I were in a different situation, I might be able to answer your question...   :-)

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Re: Re: Programming Perl as a Job: 8 hours a day is too much for me
by Angel (Friar) on Oct 28, 2002 at 01:09 UTC
    I have read all of your posts so I had someone tell me most pro's pump out about 1k lines a day. Another friend who is also working told me he codes about 4 hours a day because the rest is in meetings and dealing with work related stuff that is not coding. And I think lines do not mean anything since somedays in my opinion you do a lot sometimes you do a little. Any thoughts?
      Hehehe...1000 lines per day? Sure...but at the end of that day, I'd probably throw away oh...let's say about 1000 lines of code. :-)

      As for hours per day of coding, it really depends on what your role on the team is, etc. Some people have no meetings to go to, some have more than all depends. I also want to add that while it is possible to code 8 hours or more per day, the quality of that code will vary depending on how much of the time you actually spend coding is spent "in the zone".


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