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Re: Funding Open Source / bounty-hunting...

by trs80 (Priest)
on Oct 23, 2002 at 21:59 UTC ( #207543=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Funding Open Source / bounty-hunting...

I would venture to say that most "bounty hunters" would not be interested in this. I would suggest you make your idea into a CPAN module and then ask for assistance. If nothing else you need to have it in a module form that people can build from or you really don't offer an abstacted enough component to compete in the manner you are suggesting. I am not a lawyer, but I think your idea would be protected by the License you choose to release it under so you have control over who can or can't bundle it for commerical applications. If you chose a route other then CPAN then you might want to contact ActiveState or another commerical Perl company and see they are interested in the product/idea that you have.
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