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Re: Need help installing Font::TTF

by crazyinsomniac (Prior)
on Oct 20, 2002 at 06:49 UTC ( #206633=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Need help installing Font::TTF

I ran into that once as well. After googling I have found that what folk'll do to get around that is write the command line out to a file, and then read it in.

ExtUtils::MakeMaker might be able to do that, but I know that in the perl source, in the win32 nmake makefile it's done pretty much by hand, since the makefile was written by hand (or so it appears).

Anyway, I just downloaded Font-TTF-0.32 and did "the make dance" without encountering the problem you describe.

I then looked a little closer, and noticed a "setup.bat", which used "pmake.bat", so I ran that, and still things went well.

I'm guessing you were using some older version.

I'm on Win2000 here.


perl - C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arial.ttf C:\WINNT\Fonts\arial.ttf use strict; use Font::TTF::Font; use Data::Dumper; for $ARGV(@ARGV) { my $f = Font::TTF::Font->open($ARGV) or warn "couldn't open $ARGV $!" and next; # print Dumper $f; print "say what now? ", $f->{'hmtx'}->read->{'advance'}[0x0020]; } __END__ couldn't open C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arial.ttf No such file or directory at +- line 6. say what now? 1196

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