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I'm in the process of creating an online photo library very similar to this, but with the options of allowing select people to upload files into the site.

My solution to the problem was to use the filenames themselves as a database.

By naming the files in a certain way the data can then be stored along with the file (great when people want to save a file because it actually explains what it is)

I didn't have quite as many fields as you but it could still be done by naming the files in the following way

[ID]-[DESCRIPTION]-[LOCATION]-[yyyymmdd]-[TIMEOFDAY]-[WEATHER]-[INT/EX +T] example... 0001-Daves_flat-London-20021016-A-S-E.jpg represents.. Daves Flat, London, 16th Oct 2002, Afternoon, Sunny, Exte +rior

It's just a different way of looking at the problem.

This solution has limitations, for example in the description I have limited it to a-z0-9 only with _ being used for spaces and then replaced with a space at runtime if the information is displayed

Just a different perspective on the problem I thought I would share with everyone