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< Buckaroo Buddha > ok ... so
   i'd like to believe that i'm
   starting to get pretty ok at
   perl ... but the advice i get
   here is unbelievable (i really
   admire some of you but won't
   embarass anyone right now)


< Buckaroo Buddha > i'd like
   to know if people think we
   could add an "advice and
   optimization" type Q&A
   section ... where people with
   WORKING code can learn
   how to write GOOD code

< Buckaroo Buddha > or even
   OPTIMAL (minimal, clean, safe... etc.. )

< TQuid > I'd second that . . .
    I'm getting decent, and now
    one of my biggest challenges
    is cleaning up my stinky
    messes from a few months ago.

< swiftone > Sounds good to me. Say so 
    in perl Monks Discussion.
thus this message ;)
< swiftone > that might even satisfy merlyn, 
    by explicitly stating that the 
    code is bad :)
< Buckaroo Buddha > we could call it the DOJO (or
   "the TRAINING-HUT")