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Hello Monks:
I am having problems saving some params to a file ( printing();)($file, look at the code). The funny thing is the when I run the code (>perl ) a file is created. This is what I get in the apache server error log "Cannot save file /var/www/html/datfiles/data.dat at /var/www/cgi-bin/ line 48. ". Please help! #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use CGI::Cookie; use CGI; my $cgi = new CGI; my $file = "/var/www/html/datfiles/data.dat"; print $cgi->header( -cookie => new CGI::Cookie(-name => 'Cho +colateChip', -value=> $cgi- +>param('color'), -expires => 'T +hu, 26-Sep-2002 00:00:00 GMT'#, #-domain => 's', #-path => '/' ) ); print $cgi->start_html(-title => 'Results', -bgcolor => $cgi->param('color')); if ($cgi->param()) { print $cgi->center( $cgi->h3("Hello: ". $cgi->param('name')), $cgi->p, "The keywords are: ",join(", ",$cgi->param('words')), $cgi->p, "Your favorite color is: ",$cgi->param('color')); } printing(); print $cgi->end_html(); sub printing { open(FILE, ">$file")|| die "Cannot save file $file "; print "test"; print FILE $cgi->param('name'); print FILE join(", ",$cgi->param('words')); print FILE $cgi->param('color'); close FILE; }