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Re: Beginning Perl for system admins. (Free your mind! This is what Perl do for codes.)

by gmpassos (Priest)
on Sep 21, 2002 at 01:07 UTC ( #199682=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Beginning Perl for system admins

"It is my opinion that you can't be a great SA and a great coder"
Hummm! Are you nut?!
I think that you need to meet more peoples!

Man, be a SA or a Coder is just a name for doing something. The human mind is free for doing every thing, since that you don't put any limit for her! Tell this is the same to tell that you can't swim because you can walk!

About your initiative to learn Perl to be a Coder, congratulations, you got the best way. If you learn Perl, in the future you will be able to learn any other language. Do you know why? Because Perl don't put limits in the way that your mind can think (can be creative). With Perl you can do the same "think" in many ways, you just use what is the best for you. You can do with a lower knowledge or a big, good codes or bad codes, but in any way, will be easy to do what you dream!

About how to learn! Well, only YOU can know that!!! Each peoples is VERY different from other. You know why? Because everyone think different, has a different mind, is a different universe, and the way that someone use can not be the best for you!

Learn a programming language is the same to learn a speaking language! The best way is not make 10 years of lessons with a teacher, the best way is go to the country or start to speak with someone that know that langue! Because when you speak you use what you learn, you have a reason to know what you learn! If you want to learn Perl, find something that it can do for you and make the codes! For example, you can use it to manage a server. If you start reading a book, well, can be good, but the book comes with a lot of things that you don't need to know now, because you don't have the bases to use them. If you try to learn some lessons, or tips, in one year you will don't remember this lessons, because you don't use them! The best thing is learn step by step, following your needs. And don't forget, the best book is called "Internet"!

To learn Perl, or any other thing, you just need:
- To want, need.
- To use, practise.
- Have where to learn, where to get information. But don't worry, they had inveted Internet! :-P

I can give you some tips. Always know what is what, and why! You need to know what is any dot, slash, quote, any thing that you use! If you start to use what you don't understande, first you lose the chance to learn, and will be hard to past to another level! And probably will be hard to work well!

This last link I think that is the best to start! This is a simple, small and good doc that just explain the commands, the rest you already have, a brain to play with the "LEGO". I only used this to start to use Perl, 8 years ago, and it still are in the internet in a lot of places!

You can get some editor too! You can find betters, but to start DzSoft Perl Editor will be good ( And you will need the interpreter for your OS. For Win32 go to and get ActivePerl (install it in the default: c:\perl). Perl was born on UNIX family, and works better on it (Linux). But now the Perl community made a hard and good work to port it "fully" to other OS, and it work very well on "any", since Perl is Open Source and have a architecture to be portable.

Graciliano M. P.
"The creativity is the expression of the liberty".
(Now you know why I always sing with that!)

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